Smart Vaccine Cooler

Part Number: DHK50069-ICE-VC1
  • Designed for maintaining low temperature (35-40ºF)
  • Four receptacles with auto sealing are provided for large syringes. Syringe and needle are protected with a 7 inch tube while maintaining low temperature.
  • Four receptacles are designed to accept 5ml syringe with an adaptor.
  • Internal four position hook assembly supports storing vaccines to provide continuous feed to the 5ml syringe. This provision accelerates medicine administration to a large herd in the shortest possible time.
  • FDA approved materials & No power required.
  • Gel packs are included with the system for thousands of maintaninance-free cycles.
  • The chest is manufactured utilizing space-age composite plastics for improved insulating properties and durability.
  • Easy carry handle locks for safety
    Designed to withstand transportation shock and vibration.
  • Dimensions: 13.5” H X 10.5” W X 18.5” L & Designed capacity: 28qt.
  • DHK Smart Vaccine Management System, Part No. DHK50069-SVMS-1 under private label is available as special in bulk order only.
  • Allow 4-6 months production lead time for bulk orders.
  • Wholesale Dealers and Promotional product usage inquiries are invited.

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