Experienced Doctors' Advice & Quick Registration

We register your Pet so you can easily inform others that your dog is not a pet, but a working service Pet . Along with our quick and easy service animal registration process, we offer a variety of accessories including high quality leashes and vests your dog should wear to restaurants, hotels, apartments and airports.


We have done the research and
grunt work for you.

We make it easy to complete the process legitimately. All you need is an official approval letter we can provide you with after just a few simple online questions right now—so you can have the important support of your pet—without anxiety-provoking questions.

Pet For Travel

Take your pet with you with all the comfort—and none of the hassle. With this letter, bringing your pet along is completely free.* Imagine the savings.

Pet For Housing

We make sure you're allowed to have your pet with you wherever you choose to live. With our letter, the fee is waived!

Secure your Pet through our official letter. Contact today Now!

We can provide you all information with necessary documentation and more… Your pick!

Emotional Support
Pet Registration

United States Laws gives individuals the right to live with their service pet animal regardless of any building or residences with a no pet policy. Hotel and other traveller company like bus, train etc are not permitted to deny access to you and your pet or Emotional Support Animal and may not charge any extra fees or collect any additional deposits, although you are still responsible for any damage that may occur.


Know about official Requirement for Approval of Pet

Most people don't realize they qualify to have a pet and no longer need to see a physician to get a prescription for it.

Most people don't know that federal laws trump any state laws regarding your pet.

Most people don't know that by law, you are allowed to train your own Pet.

You do not need to be or look physically disabled to have an pet

Pet do not legally require specific training.

Pet can be specially trained by their owner and do not require expensive professional training.