State-of-the-Art custom manufacture facility For Animal

Let us turn your ideas, production and market needs into reality.

We offer full-service design, engineering, custom tooling and manufacturing, from inception to prototype to full scale production including packaging ready to supply to your customers. With well over 45 years’ experience and an emphasis on keeping it simple and safe, we can handle projects of all sizes and turn your needs into success. Our services include design of unique injection & blow molding tooling for production, assembly and packaging. Whenever possible, our designs incorporate off-the-shelf components to avoid proprietary restrictions.

Our Experience & Services

  • Over (28) years’ experience in design & manufacturing custom products for the animal health markets.
  • We specialize in small to large quantity quality production and deliver in as short as (2) weeks faster than anyone in the industry.
  • Engineering Design Services (R&D)
  • Level I, level II & Level III Drawings preparation
  • 3D modeling and drawings
  • Custom tool design
  • Materials: Aluminum |Stainless Steel | High Temp & Exotic Alloys | Titanium | Alloy Steel | Medical Metals | Copper
  • All metals used for tools and parts IAW QQ-S, MIL, AMS, ASTM/ASME and SAE/AISI specifications
  • Injection & Blow Molded parts use: Plastics and composite plastics resins such as LDPE, HDPE, Poly Pro, ABS, Polycarbonate, PET, Silicone, and other composite materials IAW commercial specs and USFDA CFR’s requirements as required by customer for their specific project.

Some Recent Projects include

  • Medical camera sub-assemblies
  • Injection molded parts water Filter systems, Cap Assemblies, etc.
  • Blow molded cannisters, vessel, custom bottles
  • CNC Machined 304, 316, 18-8 and other stainless steel alloy parts
  • Casting and die-casting custom parts CNC machined
  • Finish including electro-polish, electro plating, powder coating, mechanical special media polishing
  • Custom packaging including 4-color process printing
  • Other custom manufacturing including but not limited to special precision springs for light pressure sensitive devices
  • Quality control with the use of precision Vision inspection and part rejection systems
  • Collaborative Robotics integration and implementation

We offer a wide range of Animal Healthcare Product to satisfy the complete needs of your Farm Animal & Pet. Our services range from State-of-the-Art Medical and product to Wellness Programs.

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