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Why AmericanPetco?

1. We provide legitimate ESA letters that will solve your needs

We provide a complete refund if your approved ESA letter does not work for some reason. (Which is very rare if you have been received through the AmericanPetco process) we are going to refund your money 100%. We want our customers happy and stress-free during any ESA registration process

2. We follow with federal and state laws

At AmericanPetco, we have engaged all steps to ensure our operations are fairly compliant with travel and housing.

3. Best Mental Health Doctors

We have the best-experienced doctors and licensed mental health professionals which help you in each process for ESA letter registration. They will make sure your ESA-approved letter will work wherever required.

4. Most Trusted

Pet owners love us and we love them. We are the most trusted company in the US.

Who Qualifies For An Emotional Support Animal?

The person who is suffering from certain mental problems or emotional disabilities that make his or her life very stressful and harder.

This could include:

As per research, Pets can reduce your level of anxiety, restlessness, or depression in your beautiful life. They have an incredible impact on health and well-being. Qualifying for ESA also means that your pet enhances your living situation and enables you to travel without any hassle!

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