How do I Get an Emotional Support Pet Letter?

ESA Pet Letter

Many people who struggle with mental health issues depend on their emotional support animals, or ESAs. For ESA owners, having their support animals close by is crucial, which frequently entails overcoming obstacles when it comes to securing rental properties with a clearly stated “no pets” policy. However, as long as the tenant gets a certified ESA letter proving their necessity for the animal, there shouldn’t be a problem.

Any domesticated animal often kept indoors qualifies for ESA Pet Letter. For persons struggling with a range of mental and emotional conditions such as depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder, dogs and other ESAs can offer therapeutic comfort. AmericanPetco can issue a qualified ESA Letter based on a simple health evaluation by our certified and licensed doctors.

Do You Need to Train Your Pet?

Some animals are inherently more attuned to their owners’ emotions, while others may be trained to detect a person’s mental health issues.

Even though dogs and cats are more prevalent and can be trained explicitly for emotional support, any domesticated animal can serve as an Emotional Support Animal. Once you receive an ESA letter from a qualified mental health practitioner, you are free to select your support animal and utilize it as necessary.

Final thoughts

Doctors can also create ESA letters, although they might not be knowledgeable about Emotional Support Animals or your past mental health. The “prescription” for an emotional support animal will be contained in the ESA letter, which will be signed with date mentioned on the professional’s letterhead. Your dog will officially be an ESA once you have an ESA letter. You can show your landlord this letter to demonstrate that your dog qualifies as an emotional support animal. Opening up to someone about your mental and emotional well-

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