What are the ways to get an emotional support dog letter?

People go through emotional and physiological difficulties in their life. And emotional support animals help these people in the most difficult phase of their lives. These support animals provide great support, love to these people to make them feel happy again. An emotional support fog can be any animal such as a dog, cat, or rabbit. But dogs are the most popular emotional animal.

Dogs can provide all the love and comfort to overcome mental and emotional problems such as bipolar, depression, stress, or anxiety. According to emotional support laws, people who are going through mental health problems can have an emotional support animal, but they need an ESA letter from a certified mental health physician.

Benefits of ESA letter

If you are wondering about what is the necessity of an ESA letter, or if it is worth it or not, then you need to know about the benefits of having one. With an emotional support animal letter, you can live with your animal where they are not allowed. Or, if the apartment is charging extra money to keep an ESA, then with an ESA letter, you don’t have to pay for it.  Apart from the residential place, you will be able to go with your pet to a store or other public places where pets are not allowed. 

If you want to travel with your emotional support animal, then with an ESA letter, you will be able to do that too. All you have to do is show your ESA letter to the official, and you won’t face any problems. You can also keep your pet on school or college campus with an ESA letter.

How to get an ESA letter?

Not everyone can qualify for an ESA letter, and only a mental health professional can decide whether you will get an ESA letter or not. If you want to qualify for an ESA letter, then your existing therapist can help you with that. The therapist can be a social worker, psychiatrist, psychologist, physician, or any certified mental health professional. If your existing therapist thinks that you need an emotional support animal, then they can write an ESA for you.

The therapist mentions the date and then signs the ESA letter that recommendations an emotional support animal. Once you get the ESA letter, then you will be legally eligible to take your emotional support animal anywhere you want. You can show the ESA letter to your house owner or anywhere where pets are not allowed. Before getting an ESA letter, talk with the professional if you really want an ESA, and be transparent to them about your problems.

How to get an ESA letter online?

Most people are consulting online therapists these days, and it is an easy way to communicate. You can sit comfortably in your home and talk about your mental health problems with a professional. Also, the covid-19 outbreak one of the major reasons behind the adoption of online platforms.

If you are thinking about whether an ESA letter from an online therapist is equally valid as the one from a therapist in person, then the answer is yes. But make sure the professional is qualified to write an ESA letter for you. The online form of getting an ESA letter is easy, effective, and simple.


Suppose you are opting for the online method to get an ESA letter. Then make sure to choose a genuine and reputed website where the professional is certified and knows about your mental health problems. It is always important to be in trusted hands to avoid any types of scams.