Know About ESA

Who Qualifies for an Emotional Support Animal?

Emotional Support Animal is for those who feel that their pet is a key source of comfort and make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, the people who think the reason for their well-being is pet can qualify for ESA. In some cases, you may feel a level of anxiety, restlessness, or depression that mitigates by the presence of a pet. Qualifying for an ESA essentially means that your pet helps you live a better life. Qualifying for ESA also means that your pet enhances your living situation and enables you to travel without hassle!

How ESA's can help you?

1 .There are many cases when your pet aids you with severe mental problems. It may include your post-traumatic stress, anxiety, depression, or any other form of mental depression. ESA’s can help you to fight all your stress problems.

2. ESA’s aren’t a cure to one’s mental stresses and issues, but can certainly aid in treatment towards living a happier and more stress free life.

3. Pets provide comfort and companionship to owner in a way similar to a sibling, friend or loved one

AmericanPetco believes in the right to live and travel with your animal. We believe that people can feel better in the presence of their animals and should not be forced to pay extra fees. There should not be any circumstances where people have to pay extra or choose apartments just to live with their pets.


Care for your close Pets

Our mission is to serve those in need to keep their animal in these unchartered times. We at American Petco and our contracted doctors and therapists that specialize in evaluating each case and write ESA letters that legally protect your right to keep your animal with you at home and in the cabin of an airplane without having to pay any addition fees.