Everything about ESA you must know

What is ESA?

Animals can give you comfort, joy, love, and companionship. Animals also can be a source of emotional support to people with bad mental health. And the support and companionship of the animal is emotional support animal (ESA), and it is gaining popularity in recent years. An emotional support animal or ESA is an animal that offers benefits to people with bad mental health.   Dogs are the most common ESA in comparison to cats.

Why should you get an ESA?

An ESA would be best for you if you are going through some difficult mental health problems and finding it hard to cope with them. An ESA will give you so many benefits, such as:

  • Companionship

For a human, companionship is one of the most important things. If you feel lonely and isolated, then it can boost your mental health problems. That is why you need a good companion who will be there by your side always. An emotional support animal will give you all the love you need, and it can help with depression and stress. With an emotional support animal, you can prevent many mental health conditions and add more great years to your life.

  • Boost your physical activity

Having an emotional support animal means you have to take it for a walk regularly, and it will also improve your physical activities. You can play ball with them and involve in other activities. According to studies doing exercise and being part of physical activity can boost your mood. Exercise will not only keep you fit, but it will also help you to stay happy.

  • Socialize

Nowadays, everyone wants to have a pet at their home. Pets can help you meet and socialize with people. Having an emotional support animal can reduce your social anxiety level and give you support. Walking every day with your pet would help you to connect with other pet owners of passerby’s.

What is an ESA letter?

An emotional support animal letter or ESA letter is a type of official document that is approved by a mental health physician who states that an animal can provide mental support and help to the patient. ESA letters are for those who are going the mental health disorder such as PTSD, depression, bipolar, autism, and more to offer companionship. An ESA letter for the dog also gives you the power to rent a place with your dog without any legal restrictions. If you want an ESA letter for the dog, then you can ask your mental health physician for you.

Benefits of ESA letter

Help you to reconnect

When people go through mental health problems and difficult emotional times, then they lose touch with the world. They feel sadness and loneliness and ignore all the things going on around them. So, it becomes essential for them to have someone who would give them love unconditionally, and it doesn’t have to be a human being.  With the help of an ESA letter for dog, you can get a dog that will be a great friend in difficult times.  An emotional support animal will always be there for you.

ESA letter gives access to a restricted place

To get an emotional support animal, you need to get an ESA letter first, and an ESA letter will help you to keep the emotional support animal wherever you want. You can get an ESA letter from a dog or cat. Not everyone can be eligible to get an ESA letter. If your doctor agrees, then only you can get an ESA letter, and the letter will get you to places where animals are not allowed or permitted.

ESA letter to get a great travel companion

If you want to go on a vacation or holiday, then you will have a great companion by your side. With an ESA letter for dog, you won’t face any problems while traveling. All you have to show the ESA letter to the officials before you board the plane. There will be no problem finding a seat for you and your ESA on the flight.

The best cure for depression

According to the research, 9.5 percent of grown-ups battling with depression and other mental problem symptoms. Most of these people manage their symptoms with the help of an emotional support animal. An ESA will help you with your mental health problems and lift up your mood. An emotional support animal will distract you from negative thoughts that can make you feel sad, anxious, and worried. You can talk with your physician to get an ESA letter for dog.

No pet charges

There are some places where people can charge money for bringing your pet, but with the help of an ESA letter, you don’t have to pay any amount. You can visit any place you like without paying a penny. An emotional support animal letter is the key to travel any place without your favorite pet.

Keep ESA in your apartment

Sometimes it is hard to find a nice place to live where there are no let restrictions. Not all property owners would approve pets in their apartments. But with the help of an ESA letter for dog or any animals, you can get to keep it in any rental place of your choice, and that includes your office.

You can keep ESA in school or any instructions

It is almost impossible for a school or any educational institution to give you permission to keep your pets. But some of the educational institutions allow ESA on their premises. But make sure to keep your ESA letter before entering with your animal in school.

How to get ESA letter?

ESA letter requirements are very simple; you just need the approval of the physician and must have mental health problems. The first step is to consult with a mental health professional and if you already see a therapist who knows about your mental health condition. While you visit a mental health professional or therapist, you have to give answers to pointed questions to determine if you qualify for an ESA. If the licensed medical professional give gives you a signed ESA letter, then you can receive it in a week.

Online resources

It is also possible to get an ESA letter online by consulting with a therapist. Suppose you choose this method, then You have to make sure that the website platform is reputed and give you an original letter. There are many scammer websites out there that would give you fake emotional support animal letters to get money. Remember, it is a federal offense.

It can result in a fine of up to $125000. Most of the websites pay for the therapy session, but it doesn’t guarantee you your ESA letter. The money you will pay only for the time with the therapist.  While following the questionnaire, the website will provide you with a qualified mental health physician, and this professional will arrange a video call it in-person appointment to ask you questions in order to make a decision.

With the help of the website, you are able to tackle the hassle of long queues and appointments and choose an online medium to get an ESA letter online.  There are different types of ESA letters, like the ESA letter online for housing would allow you to live with the ESA even in a no-pets place.  For traveling, it will confirm your request for traveling with pets. If you want, you can have the ESA letter that covers two.

Who is eligible to get an ESA letter online?

A patient is eligible to get an ESA letter online if he/she is going through mental health problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, and bipolar with disabilities act. You can get an appointment to consult with a mental health professional to get ESA as well. You have to follow simple steps such as:

  • First, you have to register online on the website
  • Fill out the details and
  • Free pre-qualification form and will take only a few minutes
  • Go through ESA evaluation with the doctors via a video call or personally
  • If the therapist approves, then you will get an ESA letter online

What does an ESA letter say?

The ESA is written by a licensed mental health professional, and it must include the license number, type, and the issue date. The ESA letter says the person going through a bad mental Condition qualifies for an ESA. And it further explains the need for ESA to improve your mental health, and the ESA is necessary for you to live a full lifestyle. The ESA letter often lists specific animals you choose, although it is not necessary. ESA letter has your name and any required details.

Difference between emotional and service animals

Many people find it confusing to differentiate between emotional animals and service animals. While emotional support animals and support animals do share some similarities and their motive is to provide help to people. But there are some major differences between ESA and support animals.

Emotional support animals provide companionship and support to people suffering from depression, mental health problems, and bipolar, whereas the service animals assist individuals with physical disabilities by performing important and specific tasks.

Service animals go through training to perform certain tasks for the person with a disability. Disabilities may include physical, intellectual, psychiatric, or other problems. Examples of services animals can be guide dogs for blind people, hearing dogs for deaf people, and animals for mobility assistance. Service animals alert people about sound, pressuring buttons, guiding the individual on the street, and alerting others in case the individual experiences seizure or any health problems.

However, Emotional support animals provide only emotional support to the people. They aim to provide companionship and take the stress away. The emotional support animal doesn’t go through any special training; however, at times, they are trained to behave well on flights and in public. You need to remember that the ESA letter doesn’t have the same rights as the service animal. While service animals can go wherever their owners go without exception, but the emotional support animal will need don’t have the automatic right to all public areas.


  1. What is the period of emotional support animal letter?

The period for how long your ESA letter would last depends on the type of ESA letter you choose. If you choose a housing letter, then you don’t have to update it annually, but the travel letters would need therapist renewal. It’s important for you to remember that qualifying for an ESA letter once would make sure to qualify for the next. It depends mainly on the mental health professional to determine the status.

  • Is it important for the ESA to wear any identifying clothes?

Wearing any identifying clothes is not under ESA letter requirements, but wearing identifying items can give you peace and protect you from any animal harassment.  It can save you from giving unnecessary explanations in public or while traveling. These identifying items include harness, collars, patches, lashes and it is available in the online or offline stores.


An emotional support animal is one of the best things that happened to humankind. An ESA can make the world a different place by providing much-needed help to people who suffer from emotional problems.  They provide unconditional love like nobody else that helps people to deal with emotional and physiological problems such as depression, anxiety, flashbacks, or panic attacks. The ESA letter makes sure that your ESA will always be there for you no matter what.

By qualifying for the ESA letter, you can keep your ESA and gain protection from the law.  You don’t have to choose between traveling or your emotional support animal with the help of an ESA letter. You can live at your favorite place; go any place you want with an ESA letter. An ESA letter for dog is the best thing to have if you are a dog owner to make sure your dog will always be there for you. You don’t have to pay for additional charges to keep your ESA, and it can change your life in a positive way.